A COUPLE who have run one of Hexham’s most trusted businesses for decades have retired.

David and Alwyn Swanson worked together at J and G Swanson for 40 years.

Now a supplier of security systems, David’s father founded the company as an electrical shop in the 1950s, selling and repairing radios and television sets.

David started work at the shop 56 years ago, and explained why the company had become such a trusted business in the town.

“I left school on the Friday and started on the Saturday,” David said. “I’ve never done anything else.”

“My father founded the company in 1952. It was a shop on St Mary’s Chare then. I’ve been there for 56 years. I ran the company how my father ran it. It was a service to the customers.”

Alwyn joined the business on a part-time basis after the couple’s children were born, and the pair have worked together ever since.

The company has changed in that time – David realised that the demand for electrical repairs was falling, and turned to security systems.

Alwyn said: “We all worked very well together.

“Some of the lads used to say that they couldn’t work with their wives, but it’s been lovely. We’ve enjoyed it. We just love being together.”

Despite their love for the company, the pair decided it was the right time to sell when Michael Muxworthy, a Newcastle based-businessman, inquired about purchasing the company. Mr Muxworthy runs electrical company MRM solutions, and the couple decided he was the right man to take on Swanson’s.

Since they decided to retire, the pair have been inundated with letters from customers.

Alwyn continued: “We must have had about 70 letters and cards. People have written beautiful things.

“We weren’t looking to sell, but we were approached by the right person. It was important to keep everybody on. Some of the staff have been with us for 40 years.”

David added: “Things have to move on. The technology was getting a bit beyond me!”