A VILLAGE library has reduced its opening times to one day a week over the summer, causing anger among residents.

Northumberland County Council recently announced that Allendale Library would be closed on Thursdays throughout the summer.

The changes meant that the library would only open on Tuesdays until August 29.

Resident Verona Woodhouse pointed out that the eight additional days the library would be closed was the same number of days Northumberland’s other 30 libraries would be shut over the summer between them.

Verona, who owns Allendale Caravan Park, said: “Eight closed days doesn’t seem fair. It’s the same as all the days for all the other libraries.

“Some of them are open five or six days a week.

“My children are older now, but when they were little sometimes it was nice to just go to the library.

“But now, I never know if it’s going to be open or shut.

“I’m not saying anything against the staff. They’re doing a really great job. It’s how it’s managed.”

The county council explained that due to staffing issues, employees had to be moved to ensure busier libraries had cover.

A spokeswoman said: “Due to recent staff vacancies in the service, it has been necessary to move staff around, during the summer holidays, to ensure that there is cover in libraries which have the highest usage. This has temporarily caused difficulties in staffing all libraries at the required level which we acknowledge.

“Allendale library will remain open every Tuesday from 10am-12pm and 12.30pm to 5pm during the summer holidays with the exception of August 6. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We would advise people that they can continue to use the library service either online at mylibrary.co.uk or by travelling to the next nearest library in Hexham.”

However, Verona suggested an alternative approach. She added: “If they have to cover holidays and staff leaving to go on other jobs, then there must be another way.

“It’s the summer holidays – if they wanted to they could take on some students. They wouldn’t even have to pay for transport.”