VALLUM Farm was abuzz with visitors of all ages as it hosted its first arts and crafts festival.

The award-winning venue is home to several businesses and the event included free experiences, from children’s floor art and mask making to felting demonstrations.

Vallum Farm’s owner Vicky Moffitt said: “This is the first joint event we have held since the arrival of Jolaru Interiors, the Creative Artists Studio and the Tea Room being run by a new owner.

“There have been significant changes and the site has moved on a step, so we decided to work together as a team to show people what we do.”

Lucy Hudson of the Creative Artists Studio helped with the floor art and mask making. She said: “I didn’t stop for more than a few minutes all day. It was great, the children loved it.”

The next Vallum art festival is on Sunday, August 4. Entry is free.