THE 11 new osprey chicks born earlier this year at Kielder have been ringed and named.

This is the third year that chicks have been officially named using Northumberland place names, and all of the 2019 chicks have been given monikers starting with the letter C.

Cragside, the record breaking heaviest chick at 1,910g, is one of seven female chicks, along with Cheviot, Chesters, Coquet, Chirdon, Catcleugh, and Corbridge.

The names given to the male chicks were Craster, Cawfields, Charlton, and Chipchase.

Ornithologist Martin Davison said: “The weather conditions have been challenging for the Kielder ospreys this year, but to have 11 chicks thriving and one even coming in at a record weight is a real tribute to the parents. The group continues to grow from strength to strength.”