A HIGH school student from the Tyne Valley has landed a role in an upcoming TV drama.

Seventeen-year-old Addison Keen will play Marty Moreland in crime drama Moreland’s Firm.

The Haydon Bridge High School pupil will be sharing the screen with Auf Wiedersehen Pet’s Lesley Saint-John and Stephen Tompkinson.

The show, which is currently in the pre-production stage, will chronicle the life of Newcastle gangster Michael Moreland – played by Craig Conway – as he attempts to juggle his life of crime with his family life.

Addison, who lives in Haltwhistle, has been acting for just four years. This is his first role on television.

He said: “I met a girl whilst I was doing a production at the Queen’s Hall.

“We kept in contact and she sent me a casting call in April encouraging me to go for it. I went along and did a two minute audition. I didn’t hear anything for ages.

“Then in June, I was told I had got the part. I didn’t expect much, it was a chance to see what an audition was like. I was amazed!”

The cast and crew will come together for the first time in September to film a pilot for the drama.

It will then be pitched to a number of networks and streaming services.

Addison explained that his acting career had started at Haltwhistle Academy.

He continued: “I attended Haltwhistle Academy, and there was a project where we wrote up some scenes for a play at the Queen’s Hall.

“We were asked if anyone wanted to be in it and I said yes.

“I’m training with the DJW School of Acting in Newcastle now.

“That’s been a great step forward for me.

“Acting is definitely my aspiration, but I’m not going to narrow my path down to that.”