A RUNNER has overcome his disability to raise hundreds of pounds for charity.

Not only that, but Dean Garcia from Corbridge, who has a form of cerebral palsy and is non-verbal, ran the Hexham 10k last week while helping to lead his blind friend, Becki Colquhoun, along with fellow runner Chris Knowles.

Dean, who attends regular group sessions at Gateway into the Community, raised £647.

Dean’s mum, Susan, was proud of her son’s achievement. She said: “I was chuffed when I got the overall figure. It was the fact that they ran as a three supporting Becky.

“He will do anything for people if they’re kind to him. It’s something he’s done off his own back.

“Dean has gone out and asked people to donate and they’ve supported him. I’d like to thank all our family and friends for their support.”

Dean and Chris took turns to lead Becki with a band attaching them to her wrist.

Dean will be donating the money to cardiomyopathy research – a condition which affects the heart muscles. Dean picked the cause, as twins Julia Ferguson and Joanne Robinson, who both work at Gateway, suffer from the condition.

Susan added: “Dean has gone out to raise money for the girls at Gateway who have this condition.

“Gateway has always been a safe haven for Dean to go to if something is bothering him.”

Development manager Joanne said: “All three of them are friends, and they all came to me to say they wanted to do it for cardiomyopathy.

“Gateway has been there for all of Dean’s life, through all his difficulties.

“That’s why we keep our grant funded support groups going. It’s the people like Dean who are able, but actually quite vulnerable, who we want to keep them running for.”