THERE are few things more tragic than the death of a child, an event that undoubtedly leaves parents bereft, heartbroken and railing at the unnatural order of things.

So turning that unimaginable tragedy into a vision, and then a reality, which will help support and improve the lives of others is both selfless and awe-inspiring in equal measure.

And that is exactly what the Robson family, and all of those who have supported them, have managed to do since the untimely death of Jessica Robson who died in 2014, aged just 18.

The charity behind the project to build a respite lodge for ill children which features in the front page story – Jessica’s Sarcoma Awareness – was founded by Jessica herself while she was receiving treatment in hospital.

During her gruelling treatment, she confided in those closest to her that she would love to raise enough money to buy a lodge for other the children and teenagers, so they could visit to relax and enjoy quality family time together.

While she was fighting cancer, Jessica and her family spent time in similar accommodation in the Lake District which gave her the inspiration for her dream.

Fast forward through five years of fund-raising and determination to make the project a reality, and work on a three-bedroom lodge on land just off the A69 at Henshaw, near Bardon Mill, is now under way.

The location, within reaching distance of both Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary and the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle, was chosen to ensure young patients never have far to travel for help and support if they become poorly while on holiday.

Work on the accommodation is expected to be complete by the autumn, securing a wonderful facility for those who really need it in our district.

We hope it brings comfort to Jessica’s family and becomes her legacy.