A WOMAN has claimed Northumberland County Council failed to inform residents that a 44ft high salt dome would be built yards from their homes.

Jane Walsh, from Allendale, lives in flats next to the village’s new dome, built to protect gritter salt from the elements.

Mrs Walsh said the dome had been causing various problems for her and her neighbours on Denefields and Forstersteads.

She said: “It’s a nightmare, it overpowers the garden.

“The Sky signal and the internet has been shocking since it went up.

“I’d heard rumours but I don’t think anybody expected the size of it. It’s just monstrous.”

Mrs Walsh added that residents on Denefields, had not been informed about the development at the planning stage.

She continued: “We were told nothing about it.

“I got up and went to work one day and when I came back at lunchtime the concrete base was already up.

“It would have been nice for them to send letters out.

“Everybody is complaining.

“I assumed that because we are a council estate the council overruled our opinion.”

However, a spokesman from Northumberland County Council explained that neighbours had been consulted about the plans.

He also also pointed out that the village needed somewhere to keep the salt dry.

“Operating winter services from the Allendale area is critical to effective winter services operations,” he said.

“We need to ensure that our stocks of salt used for treating the roads during the winter are kept dry as this aids the handling and spreading by the gritters, and minimises waste.

“During the planning application, neighbours were consulted in line with normal practice, and a site notice was posted at the site.”

The salt dome is currently the subject of an official complaint from parish councillor Mike Quinn. Coun. Quinn had previously stated that those involved in granting the dome planning permission should “hang their heads in shame”.

At Allendale Parish Council’s meeting last week, Coun. Quinn said he still had not heard anything from the county council regarding his complaint about the dome.

He said: “I still haven’t had a response from my complaint.

“It’s hit the social media fan. There’s a few posts on Facebook.

“I will be complaining to the council about the lack of response.”