WHITFIELD Parish Hall will transform into a market square from 1930s Eastern Europe this week, when children from the local primary school put on a performance of the classic play Brundibar.

Thirty four children from the ages of ages three to 11 will take part in the production, which they have revised to tell their own version of the story, and which will feature original music, home-made props, set and puppets.

The original production was written as a children’s operetta by Jewish Czech composer Hans Krasa, who put on his own production with the children of Theresienstadt concentration camp in Terezin, Czechoslovakia, where he too was incarcerated.

“The play is about a schoolboy bully called Brundibar, who the other school children have to stand up against together in order to defeat. His character stands as a metaphor for Hitler,” explained Holly Clay, a parent and drama club volunteer at Whitfield Primary School.

“The older children have learnt, or are currently learning, about the Second World War and the Holocaust, so they understand its significance. We’ll be having a moments silence before the show starts for reflection and to remember those who lost their lives in concentration camps.”

The play will be performed at 2pm on Thursday, July 11. For tickets, call (01434) 345267.