A DOG rescue centre in the North Pennines has been inundated with supplies after posting an appeal on Facebook.

Morgan’s Dog Rescue was short of dried dog food after several large dogs came into the rescue centre.

Donna Cairn runs the centre which lies Alston and Nenthead.

She put out an appeal for food on Facebook on July 2 when supplies were running low.

“We have a lot of big dogs which have come in and they were getting through the food really fast,” she said.

“Some of the dogs that come in are really thin.

“I have a friend who runs a rescue in Northern Ireland and we get some dogs from there.

“Then we got some greyhounds in from down south.

“I go through a sack of food a day. It’s surprising how quickly it goes down.”

Thankfully, dog lovers in the district and beyond rallied to Donna’s aid, and the supplies and donations came flooding in.

Less than 24 hours after posting her appeal, Donna took to Facebook again to thank people for their donations.

She continued: “I posted on Facebook and within a day I had 30 sacks of food. Everyone was really kind.

“People from Facebook were donating, and pet food firm Burns Dog Food sent me some. It was mainly local people. I wasn’t expecting it to go so far. It surprised me.”

Donna said the food supplies received would keep the rescue going for a while and further donations were always welcome.

She added: “People can still donate food – the dogs go through it quickly!”

Morgan’s Dog Rescue is a family-run, not-for-profit rescue that specialises in helping working dogs find new homes.

Further information, including where to send donations, can be found on the centre’s Facebook page.