A NATIONAL newspaper has apologised to bowlers for declaring their sport was “sedate” and “associated with pensioners shuffling on to the green.”

Hexham Elvaston Bowling Club received a direct apology in The Times after the club complained about an article taking a pop at bowling. Elvaston secretary Trevor Field (72) said he was pleased a retraction had been made as bowlers in Northumberland were working hard to fight the generalisation that the sport was just for pensioners.

The club itself had players of all ages, and Phil Paxton (28) and Matthew Sinclair (29) had travelled the country representing Northumberland over the years.

Mr Paxton, who started playing when he was 16, said: “I’ve got so much from the sport and there is that competitive edge there, but you can also play it recreationally. I get to travel all over, and the competitive nature is something I enjoy most.”