AN INTERNATIONAL cricket team paid a visit to a Tynedale restaurant last week.

Currently in the North-East for the Cricket World Cup, the Sri Lankan cricket team visited Saathi in Hexham last Saturday, a day after defeating England in what was described as the shock of the tournament.

The restaurant owner, Titu Ahad, said he was sworn to secrecy not to tell anyone about the visit, not even his staff.

He said: "All of my staff are huge cricket fans so as soon as the Sri Lankan team arrived they knew who they were straight away.

"Everyone who works at Saathi is Bangladeshi, and the Sri Lankan coach was the man who helped put their cricket team on the map.

"We're all still on a huge high from the visit."

It's not the first time the restaurant has hosted famous visitors. In 2007, Saathi famously received an unexpected visit from Prince Harry.

Sri Lanka face South Africa at Chester-le-Street on Friday before taking on the West Indies on Monday.