A HEADTEACHER has pleaded with drivers to stop flouting speed limits before there is an accident.

Allendale Primary School's Alison Hawkins says drivers are ignoring the 20mph speed limit outside the school.

Alison said: "There's a 20mph limit now but people are just not adhering to that.

"During the day the kids aren't around but first thing in the morning we have young families trying to cross that road. If the kids aren't paying attention, there will be an accident.

"I don't want people to think it won't happen to them."

Some parents are also ignoring parking restrictions outside the school, which were put in place to stop cars parking there in the mornings and at the end of the school day.

Alison continued: "There's a parking issue too, parents aren't supposed to park outside the school between three and four.

"There's people - not many - not adhering to that and it's adding to that safety issue.

"I would like people to adhere to the signs that are there, there's measures in place. If people just went at 20 and didn't park outside the school or opposite the bus park it would be a much safer environment.

"I don't think it's much to ask given the seriousness of the consequences."

The issue was also discussed at Allendale Parish Council earlier this month.

County councillor Colin Horncastle said he doesn't believe the speeding drivers can be stopped.

He said: "The headteacher is concerned about road safety. She's the head of a primary school, how would she feel if there was an accident outside the school?

"It's just a few idiots, but it comes to the point where you think how do we slow down people who just. We have to come up with some sort of scheme to slow people down.

"It's not just young kids, it's older people in expensive cars."

Coun. Horncastle added that council officers will be visiting the village in order to figure out what measures can be taken to slow down speeding cars.