A YOUNG woman and her dog have taken the plunge and started a new business.

Rebecca Gowland (25) and her trusty cockapoo, Circe, have set up a florist business on Hill Street, in Corbridge.

Circe Flower Co is Rebecca’s first venture into entrepreneurship after years of retail experience, with much of that in the floral trade.

She felt the time was right to go it alone – with Circe for constant company.

Rebecca said: “It’s just me and my dog, nobody else.

“Running my own business was something I always wanted to do, and it matched up at the right time.

“It was a mixture of the right premises being available and Corbridge being a really nice village which I thought would be a nice fit for what service I provide.

“It’s really exciting starting up on my own, but it’s a little bit nerve racking – but a good type of nerves.”

While growing up outside of the Tyne Valley, Rebecca has long been a regular visitor to Corbridge.

She has always loved the village, and was excited to be involved in the area’s many community events, such as last week’s Midsummer’s Evening and the Christmas Late Shopping event, which she had attended many times as a visitor.

Rebecca said: “Corbridge is a lovely village which has so much going for it, and the community spirit is great.

“I have had a really warm welcome since opening, and it’s gone really well so far.

“I think knowing Corbridge as well as I do has helped because hopefully I know what will work here.”

At Circe Flower Co, customers can expect the traditional services commonly found at a florist, with a range of flowers for sale.

The shop also stocks a wide range of house plants, to meet the increasing demand.

Rebecca said: “I try to be as eco-friendly as possible, and everything is wrapped in brown paper and I don’t use cellophane or plastic.

“I also buy most of our stock from locally-grown flower farms.”