A TENT probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of places to pray.

But this week, schools in the Tyne Valley were visited by ‘God’s tent’ – an idea run by Haydon Bridge’s Rev. Benjamin Carter.

The giant teepee-style tent roams South-West Northumberland, often visiting church events such as fairs and fetes.

The tent is used as a mobile prayer space, and visited schools for the first time this week. It was at Henshaw Primary School on Wednesday, and will be at Newbrough today before travelling to Greenhead on Friday

Rev. Carter said the purpose of the tent was to give children space to reflect and pray within the bustle of school life.

“It’s a fun and exciting space and a new way of teaching about the church and faith,” he said.

It is hoped the tent’s tour will create a connection between families and the church.