A PARISH councillor has made vocal her protests against a Dalek outside a science fiction museum in her village – despite global support for the alien which fell foul of planning laws.

Allendale resident Neil Cole placed the Dalek in a shed as the star attraction outside his popular sci-fi museum.

However, in January the county council told Neil he needed planning permission for the shed outside his Grade II listed house, or the Dalek would have to be removed.

A campaign to save the Dalek gained worldwide support and Neil has now submitted an application for the shed.

But, at the parish council’s meeting last Thursday, Coun. Valeria Dunn remained adamantly opposed to the Dalek.

Coun. Dunn said that if the parish council voted to support the planning application for a temporary shed outside the museum, they would be going against planning law.

However, she was overruled by her fellow councillors, who all agreed to support the application.

Coun Dunn said: “We don’t have a remit with conservation areas. The decision lies with the planning officers responsible for listed buildings.

“I have just read a paragraph that says the materials used have to be in keeping with the surrounding area.

“I thought I was on this council to uphold the law. We as a parish council are contravening planning law. I would like to object.”

But other councillors were supportive.

Vice-chairman, Coun. Glynn Galley told Coun. Dunn: “Not everything is black and white Valeria.”

The council’s chairman, Coun. David Crellin, said: “We can comment on it in terms of our planning policy. I would say we don’t have any reason to object if we’re going by our planning policy.”

The Dalek’s fate now lies with the Tynedale local area council’s planning committee.