A POPULAR tea room was filled with TV cameras rather than customers for two days this week after being chosen as a shooting location for a BBC drama.

Elisa Rose in Mickley shut its doors to the public on Monday and Tuesday after being chosen by the BBC as a filming location for a children’s TV show.

Owner Elisa Aitken said she was approached by a man who worked for the BBC who said he thought her tea rooms would be perfect for one episode in particular, and he invited his colleagues along to have a look for themselves.

“I wasn’t sure what they were making of it all because they weren’t saying much,” she explained. “But at the end I was so pleased when they told me that in their line of work they see many, many places – but they had never seen anything quite like this before.”

Staff have been put under orders to keep the name of the series a secret until screening in early 2020.