TEMPERS flared at Allendale Parish Council over the village’s new salt dome, currently under construction.

Parish councillor Mike Quinn has already made a complaint to Northumberland County Council over the dome, which is set to tower over houses on Forstersteads and Denefields.

And at Thursday’s parish council meeting, he launched a scathing attack on the county council.

“A whole load of people should be ashamed of themselves, mainly at Northumberland County Council,” he said.

“The case officer, the planning officer who recommended that the application be approved despite the proximity of that dome to those houses, the AONB who did not object, and all the councillors on Tynedale Local Area Council that approved it in full knowledge of the size of it – all of those people should hang their heads in shame. I’ve done everything I think I can.”

County councillor Colin Horncastle, who sits on the Tynedale Local Area Council, said he could not comment on Coun. Quinn’s remarks due to the complaint.

But he did add:: “From where I’m sitting, this is a planning application that you don’t like.

“Sometimes we don’t like the decisions, but we move on.

“If you were so concerned, then the only way to do something is through a judicial route.”