AS a regular walker on our beautiful Tyne Green Country Park, I am disgusted at the mess left by horses owned by travellers – which is not the fault of the horses!

We are not talking about a few droppings, but the full length of the green area, which is now covered in thousands of heaps of horse muck.

Surely, after camping for a couple of weeks for free, it would be normal to clear up?

After all, children have to use the play area, and visitors have barbecues and picnics at the tables provided by our local authority.

I don’t think the area will now be conducive to this type of pleasure.

What seems to constitute clearing the droppings is to flatten the piles by driving a car over the top, therefore extending its decomposing time.

Dog walkers, as we know, can be fined £1,000 for not picking up after their animals. Surely the same criteria should apply?

I am not against the travellers enjoying an annual event but, surely, some responsibility lies with them if they want to return.

Last year the council sent men to clear the mess. I feel sorry for the horrible task they had and I am hoping this won’t be the case again.

My sympathy goes to the Hexham Regatta organisers who had to contend with this on Saturday.