A TOTAL of 11 osprey chicks have hatched at Kielder in just two weeks.

This year is the 11th year that ospreys have bred at Kielder Forest with a total of 69 youngsters hatched during that time.

For the past two years, newborns have been named after local locations, with ospreys called Acomb and Bywell roaming the Kielder Forest. This year, the birds will be named using the letter C.

The birds returned to Northumberland for the 10th year in a row since their recolonisation in 2009, and four were first spotted on the live webcam, set up by Forestry England at the start of April.

The Osprey Watch camera can be viewed in a cabin behind the Boat Inn, Kielder, between 10.30am and 5pm every weekend until August 18. Fans can also keep up to date online at kielderospreys.wordpress.com