IN LINE with the national trend, the newly-formed Brexit Party enjoyed huge success in the North-East during last week’s European elections.

The party, formed just six weeks ago, won two of the region’s MEP seats, ending Labour’s dominance since the regional constituencies were formed in 1999.

As a result, Brian Monteith and John Tennant will both represent the Brexit Party as North-East MEPs, alongside Labour’s Judith Kirton-Darling who retained her seat.

Mr Monteith said the public’s frustration at the stalled Brexit package was expressed through the election results.

He said: “We always hoped and believed we could got one of the three, but naturally targeted two.

“That would likely mean we would have to knock one of the Labour seats off their perch, and not only have we achieved that, but we have done it handsomely with our vote double that of Labour.

“It’s the worst results for Labour and the Conservatives and a devastating blow for both parties, especially Labour.
“The people of the North-East were hugely disappointed, to the point of angry, that the UK didn’t leave the EU on March 29 and people believe Labour are just as responsible for the Conservative government for this.
“There is also an undercurrent that Labour has taken its voters in the North and the North-East for granted for a long time, and they aren’t going to stand for it any more.”
Mr Monteith continued to say Remainers in the region had voted for the Brexit Party out of respect for the original referendum.
He said: “People want democracy to be respected and a lot of people were coming up to us to say they voted Remain but voted Brexit at the European elections as the referendum needed to be respected.”