The Brexit Party's dominance in the European elections was experienced in the North-East with two of the three seats won by the newly-formed party.

The party, led by Nigel Farage, was only created six weeks ago to campaign for the UK to leave the EU as originally voted for by the public, and won nine of the first 10 regions to declare nationwide in an election only made possible by the UK's delayed withdrawal fromt the EU.

As a result, John Tennant and Brian Monteith will both represent the party as North-East MEPs, alongside Labour's Judith Kirton-Darling who retained her seat. However, the party lost its other seat.

The result is a big blow for Labour as it is the first time since the regional constituencies were introduced in 1999 that the party hasn't finished first in the North-East.

The results in total saw the Brexit Party receive 240,056 votes at a percentage of 38.73, with Labour next with 119,931 votes (19.35 per cent), down by 17.12 per cent on the elections of 2014.

The Liberal Democrats received 104,330 votes (16.83%), The Green Party 49,905 (8.05%), the Conservatives 42,395 (6.84%), UKIP 38,269 (6.17%) and Change UK 24,968 (4.03%).

The turn-out for the North-East was 32.53 per cent, with Northumberland attracting a turn-out of 34 per cent, with 82,965 going to the polling stations last Thursday.

More to follow.