A MODERN extension to a property in a village’s conservation area would be ill-fitting, it has been claimed.

Corbridge Village Trust has objected to a two-storey extension to the rear of the village’s Princes Street, stating that the use of zinc cladding and roofing would not preserve the character or appearance of the area’s historic past.

There were similar objections submitted by Northumberland County Council’s conservation officer, Val Robson, who said the materials would ‘cause harm to the character and appearance of the existing traditional property.’

The trust’s concerns follow the approval of a similar ‘contemporary’ scheme on the same street in 2017.

Secretary of the trust, Michael Cunliffe, said: “We objected strongly to the redesign of the property on the other end of the street. The same architect has designed a rear extension to the new application, and we don’t like this, what we consider, ‘contemporary creep’ into the middle of the village which isn’t in keeping with the conservation area.

“The middle of Corbridge is defined in the Northumberland Draft Plan as an area with buildings of significant architectural importance and we don’t consider that continual use of modern materials in a conservation area acceptable.”

The size of the proposed extension had been reduced following initial concerns.