THE trend of getting a selfie on Hadrian’s Wall is causing long-term damage to the historic landmark, it was claimed this week.

A section of the Wall has collapsed, following reports of people climbing on the World Heritage Site to capture their visit on camera.

Archaeologist Peter Savin came across a damaged section of the Roman Wall on Sunday at Steel Rigg – a popular spot for visitors.

While it was not clear whether the damage was specifically caused by people climbing the Wall, he issued a plea for visitors not to walk on it.

Mr Savin said: “I walk this section of Hadrian’s Wall frequently and I’ve seen damage before in different areas and, in one case, I asked a coach group not to climb on it because of the damage caused and also their own safety.

“The damage I saw on Sunday was on a level I’d never seen before and I was truly shocked seeing the collapsed Wall. It seems the selfie on Hadrian’s Wall is all, regardless of the damage they unintentionally cause.”

A spokeswoman for National Trust, which cares for the stretch of the Wall, said work was scheduled at Steel Rigg from July as part of a £1.17m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

She said: “The project will help visitors understand how they can play their part in helping preserve Hadrian’s Wall by walking next to, and in the landscape that surrounds it, rather than on it, ensuring the monument can be enjoyed by future generations.”