ELDERLY and disabled residents, some of whom have lived in their houses for decades, are being forced out of their homes to make way for a new housing development.

Residents at the The Haven in Prudhoe were shocked to receive letters last week telling them that housing provider Karbon Homes was planning to knock down their bungalows.

Sheena Gibson (82) lives in one of the 10 bungalows proposed for demolition. Her brother William has been dealing with Karbon on her behalf due to her disabilities, and said the news had left both of them devastated.

“She has spent 40 years there and she thought she was there until the end of her days,” he said. “She is disabled and where she lives it’s level on to the main road, which is good for her, but she’s worried about where they are going to put her. Her biggest concern is where can she move to.

“She just wants to know where she’s going to live.”

County Councillor Gordon Stewart said: “I have visited all of the residents there. Many are very elderly and have mobility issues and many are concerned and clearly distressed at the prospect of their houses being destroyed. The houses are approximately 50 years old but there are no major issues as far as residents are aware.

“My main concern is finding suitable accommodation for the residents. Because of the layout of Prudhoe and it being an extremely hilly town, and the main shopping area being on Front Street, we really need to get them close to that. I will be working with residents and their families to support them with this at every stage.”

Karbon Homes said it was planning a £1.2m scheme to create seven new two or three bedroom houses at The Haven, offering affordable new homes to help people in the Prudhoe area through the rent to buy scheme.

A spokesman said: “To enable this development to happen, we unfortunately need to rehouse the current residents. We are currently talking to all the affected residents to support them in a move to their preferred alternative accommodation. They were the first to know about our plans, and our colleagues visited every household in person, to ensure the residents were able to ask questions.

Jon McDonald, retirement living manager for Karbon Homes, added: “We are really sorry for the disruption this will cause to our residents’ lives. However there is less and less demand for one-bedroom bungalows such as these.”