PROPOSALS to improve the road layout in Haydon Bridge are moving forward.

One of the most significant proposals is the introduction of a 20mph speed limit throughout much of the village. This will include Church Street and Ratcliffe Road.

In addition, the pedestrian crossing, which had been removed, would be reinstated west of the community centre.

Further proposals include a change at the junction between Ratcliffe Road and Church Street, which would see cars coming from the east no longer having right of way. The traffic island at the junction would also be removed under the plans.

The current herringbone parking arrangements would remain on Ratcliffe Road and double yellow lines would be repainted, with new lines introduced in places where it was deemed unsafe to park.

Haydon Parish Council’s vice-chairwoman, Eileen Charlton, said: “It’s a very large parish. People have to be able to park in the village, or people will go elsewhere and we could lose the shops. We want to encourage people to come to the village. We’ll just have to wait for the outcome. At the moment the village is a mess.”

Detailed design work and road safety audits are due to be completed before any work is carried out.

However, the council currently do not have a timeline for the work.