THERE was a special visitor to residents at a care home for the elderly.

Three-week-old orphan lamb, Charlotte, visited Charlotte Straker House, in Corbridge, and was a big hit with residents.

Charlotte was the third from a set of triplets from High House Farm, in Matfen, and her mother didn’t have enough milk to feed her so she has been bottle fed since birth.

Her owner Sally Urwin took Charlotte to the care home as a treat to the elderly people who reside there.

Marilyn Hunter, the registered manager at the care home, said: “Pet therapy is proven to reduce anxiety and we have regular visits from therapy dogs and horses, however, this is a first with a pet lamb.

“It was quite a complex thing to organise and Sally has needed approval from Trading Standards to transport the lamb here.

“However, it has definitely been worth it as many of our residents lived and worked on farms, and seeing the lamb now helps them reconnect with their past.”

Baby Charlotte wears a nappy and doesn’t need a lead as she happily, and faithfully, trots behind Sally.