TREES used to carve new iconic totem poles for Stonehaugh were due to be felled today.

Three larch trees, located in Warksburn Forest, have been selected for the project by Forestry England’s local work supervisor Paul Tierney-Allen.

Coun. Steve Batey, of Wark Parish Council, has been working hard to coordinate the project which involves foresters, transporters, carvers, sponsors, and the local community.

He said: “Each pole will be different – one traditional, one incorporating the ideas of Wark First School pupils, and one depicting animals to represent the local wildlife.”

After being felled, the trees will head to Simon Jenkins of Wood Actually in Minsteracres.

The son of a forester, Simon has been chainsaw carving professionally for over 25 years.

Visitors to the Northumberland County Show on May 27 will be able to see the finished poles before they head to their final destination in Stonehaugh. One pole will be on display at the Egger Forestry stand – a sponsor of the project – and two at the Forestry England stand.

Recognised as a distinctive landmark in the village, the three totem poles had been located at the Warksburn picnic area for decades, but had to be cut down due to rotting earlier this year.

Alex MacLennan, Forestry England’s recreation public affairs manager, said: “To make this happen during Forestry England’s centenary year is truly inspiring.”