A TYNEDALE speed camera has been revealed to have caught the highest number of speeding drivers in Northumberland last year.

The speed camera on Princess Way in Prudhoe was activated 2,303 times in 2018.

The data was released as part of the annual survey carried out by Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative – a partnership between local councils and Northumbria Police.

The camera, which was installed in 1995 and is within a 30mph limit, recorded the highest number of speeding drivers of all of the cameras in Northumberland, while it was the seventh most prolific spot for speeders in the North-East.

Over the years it has retained its title as one of the North-East’s worst spots for drivers being caught over the limit, catching 2,171 drivers in 2017 and 2,730 in 2016.

Prudhoe county councillor Gordon Stewart said: “Speeding is an issue in many parts of the county. and concerns have been raised by residents. That camera has been there a long time and for good reason.

“It plays a part as a deterrent for people, and obviously people are being caught there which discourages them from speeding again, making the road a safer place.”

Another camera in the district which caught a large number of motorists flouting the speeding restrictions was the camera at the A69 Melkridge crossroads, which recorded 1,023 drivers over the limit in 2018 – a significant jump from the 64 caught in 2017.

Meanwhile, 213 drivers were caught speeding through Acomb on the A6079 and 180 broke the speed limit on the A695 at Riding Mill.

But across the whole of the North-East, it was the speed camera on the A167 Ponteland Road between Etal Lane Roundabout and Springfield Roundabout, which caught the highest number at 6,073 drivers.

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