A FAMILY is celebrating after their lost dog turned up safe and well – almost 40 miles away.

Jenna Lee feared the worst after her collie, Ned, disappeared from her farm near Whitfield.

Ned had recently suffered from a stroke; required daily medication and could easily get confused.

Jenna put a post on social media – shared more than 840 times ­– urging anyone to look out for Ned and offering a £250 reward.

She was afraid Ned could be seen to be worrying sheep, although he was more likely to give animals a wide berth.

Eventually though, the post led to Ned being located. A stranger had seen the dog wandering alone near Whitfield, and took the dog home to Gateshead for safe keeping.

Much to the delight of Jenna and her young daughter Danica, Ned was safely brought home two days after disappearing and the stranger who picked him up refused to accept Jenna’s reward

Jenna said: “He’s very happy to be home.

“Somebody picked him up on the road, or a farm track not far from our house, and took him home rather than to the vets or the dog warden.

“They didn’t accept the reward when we went to get him back.”

While a missing dog was distressing enough, Jenna’s worries were compounded by Ned’s medical problems.

“Ned had had a stroke. He got out and followed a smell or something, and then got lost and confused,” she said.

“He was gone for 48 hours, so he missed some of his medication which he’s having to catch up on.

“My little girl, Danica, is delighted. They’re really close, he follows her around everywhere.”

Jenna added that she felt that the kindness of strangers had shone through on social media.

She continued: “It’s the power of social media, and a good story for once.

“I got so much so much support from friends and strangers, it was shared more than 800 times.

“It was just overwhelming.”