AMBITIOUS plans are being carved up for brand new totem poles to be installed at Stonehaugh.

Recognised as a distinctive landmark in the village, the original three totem poles were located at the Warksburn picnic area, and had been in place since 1982 before they were cut down due to rotting earlier this year.

They have been temporarily placed behind the village hall while plans for a permanent replacement are drawn up.

At the latest meeting of Wark Parish Council, Coun. Steve Batey said plans for three replacement totem poles were progressing well.

“The Forestry Commission are supplying the timber for the three totem poles, which will then be individually carved,” he said.

“As a local business, Egger in Hexham, will create a traditional design; the Forestry Commission are liaising with Wark First School to design one; and the National Park are carving one with a unique animal design.”

Plans were also discussed to have two of the totem poles carved at the Northumberland County Show in May.

Chairwoman of Wark Parish Council, Coun. Anne Hutchinson, said: “These totem poles will be donated to the parish council and will go back to where the original ones were located.

“We have been given a lease off the Forestry Commission for the land. This is great news.”