A TYNEDALE care home has opened its doors to the local community in a bid to increase social interaction among residents.

Martin Foster, activities co-ordinator at Red Brick Care Home in Prudhoe, came up with the idea as a way of increasing the social enjoyment at the tight-knit community.

And as a result, Prudhoe-based business Ready Steady Knit has been visiting the care home to deliver one-to-one tutorials with the residents.

“I went to see the people at Ready Steady Knit with some of the residents to kick off the knitting scheme,” said Martin.

“We’re exploring lots of different types of social activities to provide a greater living experience here, and I want the residents involved as much as possible.”

“The people from Ready Steady Knit are doing a great job of coming to the care home and delivering the special one-to-one lessons.”

The care home involvement comes on top of workshops and fund-raising charity days Ready Steady Knit already provides. And whether it’s for a hat, scarf or new blanket, the business is donating the wool and its time completely free of charge to give the residents a way to weave into the local community.

Martin added: “Over the past five months we’ve already seen a huge increase in people taking part with the activities here.

“I am working with local businesses, the town council, library and schools to create community participation. I’m constantly working on ways to improve, and we’re now hoping to renovate the garden area out the back of the care home by involving schools and the allotment society. Everything is coming together really well.”