SPEEDING drivers are being targeted after concerns raised by residents in Prudhoe.

Residents raised issues about excessive speeds by a minority of motorists in various parts of the town to their local county councillors.

Last week, police were out tackling the issue and as a result, warning letters will be send out to those found driving over the speed limit.

It came as, at last week’s Prudhoe Town Council meeting on Wednesday, councillors agreed to recommend that the speed limit on Prudhoe’s Front Street should be reduced from 30mph to 20mph.

The discussion came after a recent Prudhoe Community Partnership Front Street improvement meeting when the suggestion was put forward that the speed limit should be reduced.

Following the proposal, county councillor for Prudhoe South Gordon Stewart encouraged residents to get in touch with their views on the proposal.

At the Prudhoe Town Council meeting chairwoman Coun. Tracy Gilmore said: “The people I have spoken to are all very supportive of it. There’s a problem with speeding on Front Street and this will help reduce it. It’s not going to add much extra time onto anyone’s journey.”

The views were being collected on an informal basis before, if there was enough support for the idea, a formal consultation process would take place.