Motorists have been driving at more than 65mph in a Tyne Valley village, flouting the 30mph speed limit.

Although the culprits haven’t been caught, the high speeds have been logged by interactive speed signs.

At the latest Corbridge Parish Council meeting, the recordings from the three new signs installed at locations on Stagshaw Road, Newcastle Road and Aydon Road were revealed.

It showed that, while the average speed was just below 30mph in all locations, some vehicles had exceeded the 65mph maximum point at which the signs were able to record the speed.

Parish council chairman, Marc Horn, said: “The clerk has downloaded the speed recordings from the three speed cameras, and it is fair to say, whilst they may have slowed some people down, there is a significant number of people who are well over the limit that would suggest more than an inaccuracy in their speedometer in their car.

“All three signs maxed out at 65mph because they don’t record the speed if they are going over that.

“When I saw the figures, I couldn’t believe it. When you actually look at the number of cars that have gone over 33mph, if the parish council were able to fine them then we probably wouldn’t need to charge a precept for the next six years just off six months.”

Northumberland county councillor for Corbridge, Nick Oliver, was present at the parish council meeting and he said he was as equally outraged at those significantly exceeding the speed limits on the roads. However, he said that the signs did seem to be slowing a lot of motorists down.

At Newcastle Road, the average speed was 29.23mph, while it was 28.05mph on Stagshaw Road and 25.66mph on Aydon Road.