NORTHUMBERLAND residents are being warned to to be on their guard following another spate of council tax telephone scams.

The Trading Standards team at Northumberland County Council said it had received a number of complaints about telephone calls and text messages where the caller claimed that the resident could have their council tax band reassessed upon payment of £150.

They claimed to be acting on behalf of Northumberland County Council, but the council has warned residents that this is a scam. 

Northumberland County Council said if residents wished to have their council tax band assessed, they could do so, free of charge, by contacting the Valuation Office Agency via

To reduce the risks of falling for telephone scams, Trading Standards had the following tips:

  • Be wary of unsolicited callers suggesting or implying that you are due a refund or other money.
  • Never provide your personal details or bank or credit card details.
  • Do not take unsolicited calls when you are busy and can’t give the salesman your full attention – if you want to talk, ask them to call back at a convenient time.
  • Do not agree to something on the phone just to get rid of a persistent caller.
  • If you are not clear about who you are speaking to, terminate the call.