UNIONS are looking to minimise the impact of job losses following the closure of a Tynedale middle school.

WISE Academies took over Haltwhistle Campus in September, and announced plans to close the middle school and convert to a primary model from September this year.

A spokesman for the National Education Union said: “We are always disappointed when a school closes as it inevitably impacts on the wider community.

“We always look to work with employers“As a union supporting colleagues and promoting positive education values we will look to minimise the impact on staff involved in this sad process.

“WISE as an academy chain follow in the footsteps of Bright Tribe as part of a flawed government policy of academisation that has taken accountability away from local communities.”

A spokesman for WISE said: “Staffing requirements for the expanded primary academy are not yet finalised.

“They are currently being carefully considered to ensure that the academy has the capacity it needs to deliver excellent education.

“WISE is working with the existing staff and the trade unions to ensure that there are great opportunities ahead for our Haltwhistle primary setting.”