A GAME of Thrones actor is set to meet fans in the Tyne Valley.

Ian Whyte has played five parts in hit TV series Game of Thrones, including the very first ‘white walker’ villain in the first episode, before playing a character called The Mountain in season two and a giant called Wun Wun.

He will be going to the Fuse Cinema Prudhoe on June 15 to speak to fans at an event organised by John Page of the Movie Prop Warehouse in the town. Mr Whyte began his career playing basketball for Newcastle Eagles, but after moving into the film business he has also played the main predator in the two Alien vs Predator films, and has played several characters in the last four Star Wars films, including Chewbacca.

The eighth and final season of the television show is due to air in April, with the series due for completion just weeks before Mr Whyte is due to visit Prudhoe.