POLICE are investigating after a young swan was shot twice in Wylam. 

The cygnet was found on the roadside near Bradley Gardens on Valentine's Day by Blyth Wildlife Rescue. 

Medics initially thought the bird was uninjured following a collision with a car, but the young bird was found to have a "ball-bearing shot" lodged at the base of its beak.

Police said they believed it was shot between February 7 and February 14.

After the bird was taken back to the charity's intensive care unit, medics worked to remove the shot from just beneath the skin at the base of the beak. The charity said it weighed nearly eight grams and left "a big hole" in its face. 

Once fit enough the bird was taken to the vets for an x-ray, which revealed it had actually been shot twice - with an additional shot remaining in the swan's head.

But given the complexity of the surgery and the bird's fragile condition, it was decided to leave the surgery until a later time if it caused further issues for the swan.

The cygnet was mixed with other swans at the wildlife centre and has since been transferred to another hospital.

A Northumbria Police spokewoman said: "If you have any information about this incident, please contact us by calling 101 quoting reference 661 060319."