MOUNTAIN rescue volunteers were called into action at the weekend to help an ambulance get through snow in Alston.

After heavy snowfall on Sunday, the A686 at Hartside Pass became impassable and several motorists got stuck, with one car coming off the road.

Penrith Mountain Rescue Team was called out to four incidents on Sunday, including the ambulance.

A spokesman of the rescue team said on Facebook: "The team was called to assist with an ambulance trying to get to Alston. On the way, we dealt with a car that had come off the road descending in the snow from Hartside.

"Once the ambulance was safely at Alston, the team deployed to Hartside Pass.

"Despite several road closures in place, the team dealt with many motorists becoming stuck in the snow as they tried to negotiate the snowy conditions on the pass.

"The final incident involved two male walkers lost on Cross Fell, both of which were very cold and wet.

"Luckily they managed to stumble across a bothy called Greg's Hut, just north of Cross Fell. Ten team members were then deployed to walk up to the hut in blizzard conditions, to aid them. The two casualties were given warm clothing, warm drinks and food and then escorted off the fell through the blizzard."

The team is urging anyone heading out in snowy conditions in the future to plan accordingly and avoid roads which are closed.