A LITTLE Rose has been named in tribute to a professional boxer who died of injuries sustained in the ring.

One year on from the death of Prudhoe sportsman Scott Westgarth, his family revealed the reason behind the naming of the newest addition to the family.

Scott’s brother Adam said: “When Scotty passed away, my fiancee Catey and I wanted to start a family straight away because you just don’t know what is around the corner.

“When Catey was pregnant we never wanted to know if it was going to be a girl or boy, we wanted it to be surprise.

“If it was a boy we would have called him Scott and if it was a girl we chose Rose because it was the last thing I gave him.

“I gave him the white rose because it represents a time of new beginnings, virginal, pure, the start of new things. And Scotty has given us another rose back.”

The naming has touched the family, with mother Rebecca, brother Lewis and sister Bethannie moved that Adam and Catey would remember Scott in this way.

Rebecca said: “Rose has come into our lives and it’s amazing. When Catey brings her to Prudhoe she totally lifts the atmosphere of the house because I’m still in a really bad place after Scott’s death. When I found out Catey was pregnant, I always knew the baby would be called Scott if it was a boy.

“When she was born and she was named Rose, I asked why that name. When he told me, I was so moved and Adam had really thought about it. We all miss Scott so much and by naming her Rose just shows how much Adam thought of his brother.”

Scott, born and raised in Prudhoe, died after collapsing backstage following a successful fight against opponent Dec Spellman held in Doncaster last February.