A BUSINESS has successfully changed its postcode amid accusations it had engineered the move to benefit from free parking.

An application by 33 Architecture to change its postal address from Princes Street to St Wilfrid’s Road, in Corbridge, was approved by Northumberland County Council as the building straddles both streets.

But the architecture firm was accused by neighbours on St Wilfrid’s Road of making the move as there were no parking restrictions on that road, but restrictions were in place on Princes Street.

At the latest Corbridge Parish Council meeting, both Derek Henderson and Catherine Gibson, who live on St Wilfrid’s Road, claimed the change of address would make finding a parking space on the street even more difficult.

Mrs Gibson said: “The problem with Princes Street is that there is a mixture of permit parking and pay and display. On St Wilfrid’s Road, there is none and it’s clear that road is for access of people living on that street or people visiting.

“The change of address will have a massive impact on the amount of cars getting to know it’s free parking on that street.”

Mr Henderson said: “I know why he done it, and that is so he gets the benefit of free parking in Corbridge.”

A spokeswoman for Northumberland County Council confirmed the application had been approved.

She said: “In law, a premises must use the name of the street which its door opens on to. The new entrance to this business is St Wilfrid’s Road and not Princes Street.

“The business owner has correctly made an application and this has been considered against criteria set out in the Public Health Act. Parking for the premises was considered as part of the planning application.”

33 Architecure was contacted for comment.