MEET the three brave schoolchildren who remained calm in a near-death experience to help coax their taxi driver out of a wreckage.

Jack Bell (14), of Allendale, Kenzie Ringwood (13), of Haltwhistle, and Daniel Dodds (12), of Chollerford, were being transported to Nunnykirk School, near Morpeth, last Tuesday when the taxi they were travelling in came off the road and rolled over a number of times before smashing into a tree.

While they were considered lucky to walk away with minor injuries only, the three boys have all been praised by paramedics and police for keeping calm and making sure each other and the taxi driver were all right.

Following the accident, the boys got free from the wrecked car and, instead of fleeing the scene, coaxed the driver out of his vehicle after he became trapped by the steering wheel despite his protests for the boys to get back from the smoking vehicle.

By keeping cool heads, they were able to give a clear report of the accident to emergency services when they called for help.

Kenzie said: “I’m proud that we were able to help each other and the taxi driver. He said if we hadn’t been there, he wouldn’t have been able to get out.”

Mhari Sharkey, Kenzie’s mother, said she was so impressed with how the boys acted in traumatic circumstances.

She said: “The accident happened a stone’s throw away from school in a small forest, and the fear may have been that they could have run away and got lost or, even worse, been knocked over on a busy road.”

Both Jack and Kenzie are members of Hexham Army Cadets and, in recognition of their bravery, will receive the Commemoration Coin from Col. Sue Haughie, the commandant of the Northumbria Army Cadet Force, at Hexham’s drill night on Monday.

Hexham’s detachment commander, Lt Sean Ferguson was full of praise for the boys following their actions. He said: “The cadets get trained in first aid and it’s amazing they acted so calmly when many adults would have froze.

“You never know when you might need to use your training, whether with a family member or friend, but in this case a taxi driver.

“It’s nice that these young people have acted so bravely and they have shown the benefits of being in the cadets.”

As a result of the accident, Jack injured ligaments in his shoulder.