A HEXHAM physio continues to provide the latest technology to its clients.

Achilles Physio, based in St Mary’s Chare, has gained a reputation as one of the North-East’s leading private physiotherapy practices.

Led by Carl Bell, the practice provides a range of fully-integrated treatments, from physiotherapy to sports massage, Pilates to acupuncture, and is always looking at the integration of new techniques to benefit their clients.

A prime example is the incorporation of an £11,000 gait scan analysis machine that allows the team to accurately diagnose the root cause of injuries, as used by team GB and England Golf.

Achilles recently added to its repertoire when it branched out and went into partnership with Functional Intelligent Training (FIT), in Gosforth, to provide a unique, bespoke gym experience for the people of the North-East.

What makes the experience so unique for gym-users is that, whether elite athletes or recreational ones, they will receive biomechanical assessments to ensure they get the best out of their training plan by using a scientific approach through state-of-the-art technology.

The physio team work closely with UKSCA-accredited strength and conditioning coaches to enable that the right performance training is tailored to each unique gym-user, using their extensive knowledge in rehabilitation, athletic development and programme design.

The gym, which has the longest indoor track in a private facility in the north of England; nine dedicated lifting platforms; and extensive free-weight zones among many other facilities, is an exciting extension to what Achilles delivers in the Tyne Valley.

At Achilles, the team will diagnose the problem, treat it, and then refer the customer for rehabilitation, if necessary, fixing the problem not the symptoms.

The team prides itself on outcome-focused treatments – the goal is to get you fixed, not to keep you returning for repeat treatments.

Achilles Physiotherapy, 28 St Mary's Chare, Hexham, NE46 1NQ

Telephone: 01434 609494