A PRUDHOE author is ready to spill the beans on how to bag your dream job.

Scott Dixon’s book How To Get The Job You Want and Bin The Job You Hate covers everything from cover letters to how to answer popular interview questions, to resignation letters.

The 48-year-old who is from Prudhoe but relocated to Edinburgh in 2013, has had a career in offshore financial services spanning 20 years and now works as a freelance writer.

His first book released in 2016 was titled How to Effectively Resolve Consumer Complaints and Motoring Disputes, and was sold on three continents.

His second book is drawn from his own experience with hundreds of interviews and scores of temporary and permanent roles throughout his career.

He said: “I have more or less skipped out the aspect of searching for that elusive job you are seeking as most individuals are pretty savvy in job-hunting, so I have cut to the chase and focused on securing an interview, the preparation before the interview, the interview itself in nailing the job you want and how to set the bar when it comes to resigning from the job you have come to hate knowing you deserve so much better.”