GAINING access through the roof, thieves stole snacks purchased for a school's Valentine's Day disco.

On Wednesday evening, intruders climbed on to the roof of Prudhoe West Academy and stole two boxes of Freddo chocolate bars and a box of crisps by breaking the seal of a sky light.

The stolen snacks were replaced by the Parent Teacher Association to ensure the disco could go ahead. Since then, members of the community and parents have donated cash to make up the cost of the products.

During the incident, there was damage caused to guttering and pipes, as well as to the skylights themselves.

Headteacher Carrie Hodgson said: "Our concern is that there were people up on the roof and they could have fallen off and caused serious injury to themselves or fallen into the school and been locked in.

"The theft is secondary, but the school is probably going to have to pay for the damage caused out of its budget which is already tight as it is and that money should be going towards our kids' education."

Northumbria Police is asking anyone with information to contact police by calling 101, quoting reference 764 of the 14/02/19.