FOOTBALL legend Alan Shearer was in the district on Monday to honour two people who saved a man's life.

John Fox and Elaine Pegg successfully resuscitated the man, who collapsed shortly after taking part in a walking football session at Hexham's Wentworth Leisure Centre.

Twelve months on from the incident, in February 2018, the pair have received certificates from the Royal Humane Society for Resuscitation Awards.

The former Newcastle United and England captain was on hand to present them with their awards in his role as deputy lieutenant of Northumberland.

Active Northumberland employee John was on duty at the centre when he was informed that the man had stopped breathing, had no discernible pulse, and required urgent attention.

He rushed to the scene, and immediately started to perform CPR, before utilising one of the centre's two defibrillators.

"The scenario replicated the training I had received," said John. "The defibrillator guided us through the process and this really shows how worthy this lifesaving equipment is."

Throughout the process, John was assisted by Elaine, a nurse at Hexham General Hospital, who was at Wentworth because her husband had also been playing walking football.

John added: "The ambulance arrived within 10 minutes. By that time, the man was breathing and his heart was beating.

"It was a great relief, but we did what we had to do."

Newcastle fan John admitted he was thrilled to receive his award from one of his footballing heroes.

"It was a bit overwhelming to be honest," he admitted. "I really admire Alan for his loyalty to Newcastle and for the goals he scored."

Alan said: "It's a pleasure meet John and Elaine. They are deserving of the highest praise for their actions."

"I'm all for exercise and keeping fit, but something like this can happen at any time.

During his visit, the former Premier League striker also spoke to members of Wentworth's walking football group.

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