More than £3m is to be poured into improving roads, bridges and footpaths across Tynedale.

The district is to get its fair share of funding from Northumberland County Council’s Local Transport Plan, which has set aside a total of £128.6m for improvement work across the county.

Major works include repairing the carriageway at Stagshaw roundabout on the A68 at a cost of £100,000, with £130,000 to be ploughed into improving the C198 carriageway between Tarset Hall and Lanehead, in the Upper North Tyne. There will also be major carriageway and footway repairs on Adderlane Road, in West Wylam, at the expense of £120,000.

The landslip on the C235 at Warden will be repaired to the sum of £150,000, with similar works at the C254 between Ovingham and Wylam costing £80,000. Repairs will be carried out on two historic bridges at Plankey Mill, in Allendale, at Foulmartlaw, in Belsay. Both projects will cost £10,000.

A total of £1.3m will be spent on what the county has described as non-principal road and footway maintenance projects.

Included in the list of areas to repair is the C202 in Redesmouth, Bellingham (£90,000), Garden House Bank, in Acomb (£80,000), Fourstones Paper Mill (£80,000), the B6321 Corbridge roundabout (£90,000) and the C200 at Kielder (£65,000).

Fifteen areas have been identified for surface dressing in the district at a cumulative cost of £900,000.

Highlights include the B6318 at Bardon Mill (£120,000), the A68 between Horsley and Redesdale (£105,000), the C205 between Stonehaugh and Leadgate (£95,000) and the C260 between Hedley-on-the-Hill and Leadgate (£80,000).

Cath Homer, Northumberland county councillor for Hexham East, said: “There’s a wide range of work planned across Tynedale, from road and footpath repairs through to safety improvement schemes outside schools.

“I know how important our road and path network is to communities, many of whom live in very rural areas, and this is welcome investment.”

The draft Local Transport Plan will be considered by Northumberland’s local area councils throughout February, with the Tynedale meeting to take place on Tuesday.

Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for environment and local services, said: “We’re delighted to be able to put forward such an ambitious and wide range of improvement projects for the coming year.”