AFTER more than three years of campaigning, a Tynedale community is celebrating the news that it will get a road crossing.

At a cost of £100,000, a puffin crossing is to be placed on the A695 through Riding Mill at the Millfield Road junction to improve road safety through the village, particularly for pupils at Broomhaugh First School.

The funding has been confirmed as part of Northumberland County Council’s Local Transport Plan, which will invest £18.6m into repairing roads and paths across the county.

County councillor for Stocksfield and Broomhaugh, Anne Dale, has campaigned for the crossing for nearly four years, and was delighted the crossing would be introduced.

She said: “I know that everyone in the village will be delighted that the plans for the new pedestrian crossing have come to fruition.

“I would like to thank everyone for their support over the past three to four years during which time meetings have taken place with officers and myself discussing the design, traffic flow monitoring report s and consulting with the village and school. The A695 is a well-used strategic route and the pedestrian crossing will be invaluable to everyone who lives in the village.”

The Riding Mill crossing is just one of the many improvement schemes planned for Tynedale as part of the local transport plan.

A similar crossing, also costing £100,000, is planned for South Road, in Prudhoe, with parking bollards and other safety measures, costing £60,000, lined up for Otterburn. A total of £20,000 has been put aside to continue the design and consultation for the regeneration of Hexham Market Place.

Other schemes planned for Tynedale are as follows:

Public transport

  • Measures to improve safety and traffic flow on Hill Street/Princess Street, Corbridge (£10,000)
  • Junction realignment to deter high speeds and make it easier for pedestrians to cross at Towne Gate/ Hexham Road, Heddon-on-the-Wall (£5,000)

Traffic management

  • Traffic calming on Newcastle Road, Corbridge (£5,000)

Local safety schemes

  • Implementation of agreed measures by reducing uncontrolled crossing and improving road markings, and removing existing crossing which no longer meets criteria (£30,000)

Principal road and footway maintenance

  • Carriageway repairs to Stagshaw roundabout - A68 (£100,000)

Bridge improvements

  • Plankey Mill bridge, Allendale, refurbishment (£10,000)
  • Foulmartlaw bridge, Belsay, refurbishment (£10,000)

Surface improvements

  • FP24, Otterburn Trail Revetment and surface improvements (£30,000)
  • RBW11, Ponteland (£10,000)

Landslip improvements

  • C235 Homers Lane, Warden (£150,000)
  • C254 Ovingham to Wylam (£80,000)

Non-principal road and footway maintenance

  • U8289, Leazes Park, Hexham, footway repairs (£40,000)
  • U8280, Adderlane Road, West Wylam, carriageway and footway repairs (£120,000)
  • C198, Tarset Hall to Lanehead, carriageway repairs (£130,000)
  • C202, Redesmouth, carriageway repairs (£90,000)
  • U8171, Garden House Bank, Acomb, carriageway repairs (£80,000)
  • U7049, Willia Road, Haltwhistle, carriageway repairs (£20,000)
  • U7082, Leaside, Halton Lea Gate, footway repairs (£50,000)
  • B6529, Middle Street, Corbridge, carriageway repairs (£45,000)
  • C283, Dean Street, Hexham, carriageway repairs (£60,000)
  • C234, Fourstones Paper Mill, carriageway repairs (£80,000)
  • U8293, Elvaston Road, Hexham, carriageway repairs (£50,000)
  • U8290, Tanners Row, Hexham, carriageway repairs (£30,000)
  • B6395, Stonyflat, Prudhoe, footway repairs (£25,000)
  • C275, Todburn Wood to Blackburn, Slaley, carriageway repairs (£70,000)
  • U8285, Orchard Close, Prudhoe, carriageway repairs (£30,000)
  • C279, Dukesfield, carriageway repairs (£60,000)
  • C270, west of Scales Cross, carriageway repairs (£85,000)
  • U8294, Dilston Avenue/Bywell Avenue, Hexham, footway repairs (£40,000)
  • B6321, Corbridge roundabout, carriageway repairs (£90,000)
  • U8293, Cuddy's Lane footway, Hexham, footway repairs (£50,000)
  • C200, Kielder to Border, carriageway repairs (£65,000)

Surface dressing

  • A6079, Chollerton Edge (£60,000)
  • A68, Horsley to Redesdale (£105,000)
  • B06342, Colwell (£15,000)
  • B6318, Milestone House to New High Shield Farm (£120,000)
  • C205, Stonehaugh junction to Leadgate (£95,000)
  • C260, Hedley on the Hill to Leadgate (£80,000)
  • C324, Bellister Bank (£45,000)
  • C267, Barley Hill to county boundary (£120,000)
  • C266, Barley Hill to A68 (£50,000)
  • B6321, Aydon Road, Corbridge (£70,000)
  • C255, Gallowhill Lane, Ovingham (£40,000)
  • C259, Lead Lane, Whittonstall (£35,000)
  • U8004, Spartylea (£50,000)
  • U8013, Studdon Park (£20,000)

Micro surfacing

  • B6318, Greenhead (£35,000)
  • U8311, Robson Drive, Hexham (£30,000)
  • U8311, Collingwood Drive, Hexham (£15,000)


  • B6318, Gilsland to Greenhead (£50,000)