A RESPITE room at a Tynedale care home provided a service to almost 30 families last year.

The Corbridge-based Charlotte Straker Project reported that its community respite care bed, which provides families a short break from caring duties, supported a total of 29 families throughout 2018.

The bed costs £45,000 each year to run and is funded through donations. It was fully booked in 2018 with 36 admissions, allowing some residents to come back twice in one year.

Iwona Proszwowska, the deputy manager of Charlotte Straker, said: “This is an essential service and we are proud to be able to provide it for the local community.

“Families tell me they are desperate to find some high quality local care to allow them to take a much-needed short break from their caring responsibilities.

“We do everything we can to ensure that every respite resident we admit is comfortable and settled. It’s all a matter of reassurance and making someone feel safe and happy to be away from home.

“We encourage our respite residents to join in as much as they can in the activities, complimentary therapies and outings in our home, to ensure they feel confident and have a relaxing stay.

“The feedback from the residents who used the respite bed has been 100 per cent positive throughout 2018.”

After the respite care bed was fully booked throughout January, places for one-week stays at the facility are now available for booking at www.charlottestraker.org.uk/who-do-we-help/respite-care.

Anybody who would like to inquire about the facility or check dates for 2019, should ring (01434) 633999 or email office@charlottestraker.orgu.uk