NORTHUMBERLAND County Council officers investigating a helipad that was built without planning permission have asked the landowner to stop using it due to safety issues.

Allendale Parish Council contacted the local authority last year to say it was concerned that it had not been consulted over a helipad that had been constructed on grouse moors in the Byerhope Valley near Allenheads.

The county council was unsure as to whether the development would require planning permission.

However, council officers have now raised concerns over the helipad’s close proximity to a public right of way.

And they have also asked for evidence to show that the helipad, which consists of a square concrete base, was a like-for-like replacement of a previous helipad on the site that was circular in shape.

If no evidence is produced, then the landowner would have to seek retrospective planning permission.

A spokeswoman for Northumberland County Council said that the council did not comment on enforcement matters, but confirmed that an email was sent by council officers highlighting their concerns

The helipad was constructed on grouse moors owned by hedge fund manager Jeremy Herrmann.

Mr Herrmann was contacted via his hedge fund, Ferox, but did not respond with a comment.